At EnQuest, our supply chain network is paramount to our growth strategy.

As an active player in UKCS, we aim to exercise best practice in all our supply chain activities through aligning business objectives and strategies to develop a successful supply chain structure. EnQuest strives to strategically influence and manage its supply base to ensure services and goods are provided using a safe, reliable method whilst maintaining competitive pricing and supporting sustainable supplier relationships. 

Nurturing and retaining productive, collaborative relationships with suppliers is critical to EnQuest success and development. EnQuest ensures supplier relationships are valued and respected through warranting long term contracts, where possible.

EnQuest uses FPAL for sourcing potential suppliers/contractors;
EnQuest do not hold a database of suppliers/contractors and as a result there is no additional pre-qualification.


EnQuest suppliers possess a clear understanding not only of our specific requirements, but also our objectives and priorities. Key suppliers show willingness to work with us to design rationalized cost models to guarantee our operations are characterized by efficiency and cost effectiveness. Specifically, we require them to embrace EnQuest’s principles that apply to health, safety, environment and quality.
Successful EnQuest suppliers are those that work with us in a professional, ethical, efficient, and cost-effective manner consistent with EnQuest policies, procedures, and business objectives. Suppliers are an integral part of adding value to EnQuest business
For our part, we are committed to working with our suppliers in a socially responsible and ethical manner. At all times EnQuest will act with integrity. Moreover, we ensure we act upon every opportunity to share information on current and emerging opportunities with existing and prospective suppliers.


EnQuest ensures it complies with the laws, rules and regulations within the geographies it operates. EnQuest ensures it upholds the highest ethical standards and to act with complete integrity at all times.
EnQuest ensures that any business gifts, business entertainment and charitable donations made or received by EnQuest or its employees are never seen as bribes or inducements to obtain or retain business or a business advantage. No business gifts, business entertainment or charitable donations are accepted unless they comply with all EnQuest polices and standards.


Periodic performance reviews will take place to ensure continuous improvement in the supply relationship and conformance to contract terms and EnQuest requirements.

EnQuest uses following methods for supplier performance reviews

Regular Performance Review meetings
FPAL Feedback process


Our strong commitment to Supply Chain is evident from our contribution and active participation in the industry Supply Chain initiatives. EnQuest has been elected as Chair of the Oil & Gas UK Supply Chain Forum for 2014.
EnQuest made its mark as a recognized player in the North Sea oil and gas industry when Oil & Gas UK awarded EnQuest supply chain with a prestigious GOLD award for compliance with the Supply Chain Code of Practice (SCCoP) at the PILOT Share Fair in November 2013.
The code of practice outlines a set of best practice guidelines for the UKCS oil and gas industry, and is designed to help companies improve performance, eliminate unnecessary costs, and add value/boost competitiveness.


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