EnQuest has completed a large scale infrastructure enhancement programme to extend the field life of the Heather platform to around 2030.

The Return to Drilling (R2D2) project involves an extensive upgrade of the platform’s drilling facilities to bolster recovery capabilities over the next decade and beyond.

The Heather field has twice in the past faced the prospect of decommissioning but the EnQuest investment now provides the basis for us to pursue an increase in production and reserves.

R2D2 paved the way for a comprehensive drilling programme featuring new wells, workovers and well re-drills as part of a strategy to target some of the 360 million barrels of oil remaining in the reservoir.

The project involved the installation of a new top drive and a new 80 tonne modular mud treatment package as well as a series of other interlinked workscopes to refurbish equipment and introduce new systems.

The next phase of the redevelopment programme will consider improvements in capacity and availability of the plant.

The Heather field was discovered in 1973 and production began five years later.