Comply with applicable law
Equal opportunities and no unfair discrimination
Value diversity
Provide training and education
Incorporate the EnQuest Values into recruitment and retention
No forced labour or child labour

EnQuest strives to be a first class employer and believes that the key to the success of its business is based on the strength and calibre of the people we employ. We ensure that we foster good relationships with all personnel, including contractors and temporary staff. We have a strong set of EnQuest Values and these are instilled in our treatment of our people and are embedded within our culture.

Key personnel areas for EnQuest include:

  • We ensure that all personnel are treated respectfully and fairly
  • We adhere to national and local regulations and guidelines
  • We value diversity and will recruit the best person for the job
  • We have a zero tolerance policy on harassment and respect the rights of our colleagues
  • We promote training and education of all employees, in order to benefit themselves and the company
  • We encourage open communication and dialogue across the business
  • We do not use forced labour or child labour