Safe results, with no harm to people and respect for the environment

Build a culture of HSE&A and lead through our values
Comply with applicable law
Comply with industry standards
Safety systems and processes

Training and education
Planning and preparation
Continual learning and improvement
Safe and healthy workplace

We are committed to operating responsibly and never knowingly compromise our health & safety standards to meet our operational objectives.

Our company values – Respect, Focus, Agility, Creativity, Passion, Collaboration and Empowerment – help to foster a working environment where people are safe, creative and passionate, with a relentless focus on results.

Our approach to HSE&A management is built on our values. Through respect for our people, our contractors, our stakeholders and the environment, we pursue our principal aim: safe results, with no harm to people and respect for the environment.

Key to the achievement of that aim is our HSE&A culture. Our leaders and managers recognise this, demonstrating a strong and visible commitment to HSE&A management and promoting a positive culture within the company. To nurture this positive culture, we encourage personnel to report all incidents, near misses and concerns – without fear of reprisal – to embed an ethos of continual learning and improvement of HSE&A performance.


To ensure we maintain safe and healthy workplaces for all our employees and contractors, we have developed a Health & Safety Management System (H&SMS) which is aligned with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) Standard – OHSAS 18001:2007.

Management systems and reporting

Our HSE&A management system is developed to support the achievement of our HSE&A policy commitments, and is based upon 14 HSE&A principles.

Our principles define fundamental requirements that guide and support the implementation of our policy, and form the basis for the development and application of the HSE&A management system, processes and procedures.

EnQuest managers are accountable for establishing documented HSE&A systems, processes and procedures that meet the requirements of the principles, and for ensuring their effective implementation through strong leadership and our assurance processes.


Major accident hazard

At EnQuest, we recognise that good occupational health and safety performance does not guarantee good process safety performance.

Process safety focuses on the design, construction, operation and maintenance of our assets to prevent major accident hazards (MAHs), such as fires or explosions.

To operate in the UK Continental Shelf, we must demonstrate that we have the ability and means to control MAHs effectively.


At EnQuest, we strive for continuous improvement in our performance.

We periodically audit and review our entire HSE&A management system, ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations, as well as our policies, principles, processes and procedures, and identifying any opportunities for improvement.

Our risk-based audit and assurance programme measures the conformance and effectiveness of HSE&A management across all operations, including contractor and supplier organisations as applicable.